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Issue 10 - February 2014
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Welcome New Manga Artist!

The Whut*Nani Team is proud to welcome the latest member of the team,

Tsai Mebon!

Her work will be featured in the latest issue of Whut*Nani to come in less than a month.
For have to be settle with just reading the summary of the new story below.

Let's give a warm welcome to Mebon! *clap clap clap*

What Happens in Carpediem Vol. 1 On Sale!

Now on Sale!

***This is an E-Book in PDF***

Contains Chapters 1-7

Bonus Contents include a 6-page bonus chapter and colour illustration collection

Price: $4 USD

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Feature Stories


a novel by Princess M
Illustrations by Snakey Ho Ho

After getting very drunk, Naoki has a one-night-stand with another man, Aoi, who is in the same university club as him. Despite having a girlfriend and not being gay, Naoki finds having sex with Aoi was actually not bad at all. The whole new experience confuses Naoki, to the point that he is not sure if he should stay just friends with Aoi, or something more than friends?

[Grass Nest]

a comic by Snakey Ho Ho

Tomoki makes the biggest decision of his life when he decides to study abroad in Canada. Struggling to keep up with his courses, Tomoki finds help from the most unexpected place... the campus gardens.

Paoune Koudhu

a comic by Tsai Mebon

Rico is has always been interested in the Middle Eastern culture. During a trip to the "Kingdom of Ahbjit", he somehow became linked in a very dangerous way to the monarch "SaƮd Radi Hassan Mahmud"...

What Happens in

a comic by Piggy Ho Ho

Welcome to Carpediem, the world of the massively popular MMORPG. When Naoto and Chris set out to find a strong attacker for their party, Kurogawa is not quite what they expected...